Saving Skyler

Saving Skyler

"I hope our future holds only blue skies, but when moments arise that don't fit our 'happily ever after,' I'm thankful St. Joseph's is so close to home."

As a mother of an active 17 month old girl, I was always on high alert. Imagine my surprise when my daughter, Skyler, began coughing and having difficulty breathing for no apparent reason. In a short matter of time, she was gasping for air.

I knew I needed to get her help…fast. Instinctively, I took Skyler straight to the emergency room at St. Joseph’s Medical Center.

Skyler had inhaled an almond into her lung. A chest x-ray revealed her left lung had collapsed. Dr. Omar intubated Skyler and made arrangements to fly her to Oakland Children’s Hospital where they successfully removed the almond from her lung. A few days later, Skyler was back at home and on her way to a full recovery.

The St. Joseph’s Medical Center team rallied around Skyler and our family with incredible kindness and compassion. I am truly grateful to all who played a part in saving her life, including Dr. Omar, the nurses, respiratory therapists, radiology technicians, and many others.

Today, Skyler is doing great. She will soon celebrate her third birthday. Skyler loves her “Dolly,” playing dress up, and fighting with her two older brothers.

St. Joseph’s has a long legacy of growing with the community and delivering quality health care, and has been our family’s hospital for five generations.  But now, there is a problem. Our community has grown too large—and more sick and vulnerable—for an emergency room the size of St. Joseph’s.

Please make a generous gift to support St. Joseph’s Emergency Room expansion today.


Charity Miraflor
Grateful Patient and Mother



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