O’Connor Society

O'Connor Society Honorees with ClockOver the years, philanthropic individuals, families and businesses have distinguished themselves by their ongoing generosity.  To recognize and express our deepest gratitude to these dedicated philanthropists, we have created St. Joseph’s Foundation Circle of Values.

Cumulative gifts or pledges of $10,000 qualifies you as a member of the O’Connor Society, which honors the legacy of our founder, Father William O’Connor. (Your pledge can be spread over a multi-year period.)

Within the O’Connor Society, we further recognize levels of giving through our Circles of Values.

  • O’Connor Society $10,000 - Honoring the legacy of our Founder, Father William O’Connor.
  • Heritage Circle $10,000 - A designation within the O’Connor Society of grateful patients, staff and donors who provide a bequest in their will or another type of planned gift to support St. Joseph’s Medical Center.
  • Circle of Dignity $25,000 - Respecting the inherent value and worth of each person.
  • Circle of Collaboration $100,000 - Working together with others to support common values and the necessary vision to achieve goals.
  • Circle of Justice $250,000 – Advocating for social change while always acting in ways that respect all individuals and demonstrate compassion for our brothers and sisters who are powerless.
  • Circle of Stewardship $500,000 – Cultivating the human, financial and ecological resources entrusted to our care as we promote the healing power of mind, body, and spirit.
  • Circle of Excellence $1,000,000 – Exceeding expectation through vision, teamwork and innovation.



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