O’Connor Society

Honoring the legacy of our Founder Father William O’Connor. ($10,000)

Mrs. Norma Aaron
Abbott Laboratories, Inc.
James and Rebeca Acosta
Drs. Josepha and Kwabena Adubofour
Greg and Esther Aghazarian
Richard and Sharon Aldred
American Cancer Society
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Anshen and Allen
Antone E. and Marie F. Raymus Foundation
Antonini Enterprises, LLC
Aramark Corporation
Jack and Janice Arizcuren
Mrs. Sukhdeep Bajwa and Dr. Randeep Bajwa
Merle Baldwin
Dr. Neelesh Bangalore and Mrs. Ranjini Bhagavan
Bank of Agriculture and Commerce
Jerry and Janet Barton
Margaret Bechthold
Lloyd Dwain Bell, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Bernadicou
Dr. and Mrs. J. David Bernard
Bill Bertilacchi
Patricia Bertilacchi
Dr. Elizabeth Blanchard
Blue Cross of California
Rita Boggiano
Robert and Tina Bosworth/Delta Office Systems
Carol and Robert Bradanini
Thomas and Cheri Briggs
Veronica Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. Budge Brown
Norma Brown
Teresa E. Bryant
Blake and Lindsey Burnham
Dahl and Mildred Burnham
Dr. and Mrs. Darrell R. Burns, Jr.
Nancy Buscaglia
Camden Mangement Services, Inc.
Janyce and Michael Canote
Dr. and Mrs. Edward H. Caul
William and Charlotte Chase
Abbas A. Chothia, M.D.
Edmond S. Chow Family
Dr. Jacquelyn and Mr. Steve Cituk
Dr. Stephen G. Connolly
Conquest Imaging
Cordis Endovascular
The Mike and Lauri Coughlan Family
James and Carol Cox
Joe and Helen Crane
Crestwood Hospitals, Inc.
Rudy and Stephene Croce
Harry and Marcia Crockett
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin B. Davidson
Lee and Sue Dempsey
Louis and Thomas DeLuca
Dr. and Mrs. Larry de Polo
Diamond Foods
Cheryl Dickinson, in memory of Sarah Lyle
Dr. and Mrs. Prasad R. Dighe
Jim and Nanci Dobbins
George and Suzette Dohrmann
Leo and Anna d'Or
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Dugger
Valentine S. and Gloria Dawang
Steve and Tricia Dunn
Jack and Dori Eagal, Jr.
Mimi Eberhardt
Bill and Susan Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eilers
David and Paige Emslie
Christopher and Peggy Engh
Debora Esparza
Drs. Norma and Marcelo Espiritu
Dixie Evans
Financial Center Credit Union
David and Paula Fisher
Laszlo and Connie Fodor
Robert and Dena Folden
Nyla and Buzz Fornaciari
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Foster
Eija Fredeen
Maxwell and Sandy Freeman/Freeman Firm
Maria B. Freitas
John and Christine Frey
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Funamura
Frank and Irene Garavano
Pamela George
The Hall Family/Golden Bear Insurance Co.
Golden State Restaurant Group
Richard and Kathleen Goldman
Dr. and Mrs. Sanjeev Goswami
Robert E. Graham
Grapettes Softball
Dr. and Mrs. Edward C. Greenleaf
Stephen Groom
Grupe Commercial Company
Berndino and Elodia Gusman
William and Lorraine Halvorson
Marilyn and William Hambley
Harold W. Thompson Carpet, Inc.
John P. Harris
Dr. Lynette C. Hart
Doreen Hartmann
Dr. Patricia Hatton
Haydel and Ornellas/Mark Ornellas and Deborah De Ganna
HCE Foundation
Dr. Larry and Jeanette Heath
Dr. Robert Heitman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hermann
Bob and Marlene Hnath
Cecilia and Patrick Hobin
Holt Brothers
Wes and Vi Howard
Keith and Thomasina Harvey
Jack Lennen/J.R. Lennen Construction, Inc.
J. R. Simplot Co.
Jags Solanki Memorial Fund for Ovarian Cancer
Mark Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Leonid G. Kamenetsky
Dr. Ronald and Louise Kass
John and Gail Kautz
John and Mary Kendle
Diane Klein
Jeff and Kacie Klein
Jennifer Klein
Donald and Marcia Knudsen
Kristina Knudsen
Gordon Lacy
Sr. Gabriel Lally, O.P.
Landis and Staefa, Inc.
Dick and Sharon Leland
Howard C. Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. Chen-Fee Liem
Dr. Charson Chang and Dr. David Lim
Trevor and Gwen Logette
Manzanita Lowarch
Tom Lum, M.D.
Melvin and Aileen Maderos
Mr. Larry Madoski
Steve and Diane Malcoun
Loren and Debbie Maltbie
Todd and Ginger Manss
Guido and Patricia Marengo
Peter and Diana Margand
Joann and Henry Marks
William and Margaret Maske
Miss Jenn Matthews
Dwayne and Alice McClendon
McClure Family Trust
Tom and Carol McKeegan
Ryan and Kriste Merin
Patricia Metrovich
MMI Agency, Inc.
Robert G. Monie, M.D.
Sheriff Steve and Robyn Moore
Elizabeth Lonsdale Morenzoni
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Primack
Andy and Carol Prokop
Public Health Services
Dr. Rajiv Punjya and Mrs. Jayshree Kuber
Ralph Hayes & Son, Inc.
Avinash "Avi" Raina
Paul and Dee Rains
Ajay Ramanakumar, M.D.
Mark and Paulette Ranuio
Cathy and Larry Ratkoviak
Republic Services
The Record
Michael and Heather Ricks
Lori and Ben Rishwain
Dr. David Robinson
Jay and Barbara Roek
Donald and Rochelle Roek
Gerald and Patty Roek
Michelle Romero
Gary and Karen Rose
Rotary Club of Stockton
Dr. and Mrs. Sherman Saffier
Anita Sanguinetti
Raymond J. Sanguinetti
Gregory Schauer
Reubin Schauer
James and Helen Schenone
Sharon K. Schenone
Schering Plough
Mr. and Mrs. Don Schrader
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Schroeder
Bill Schubert
Kathryn Schwemley
Dr. Amy Scriven and Mr. Phillip Lapointe
Mr. and Mrs. John Serpa
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Shea
Tom and Irene Shephard
Dr. William and Shirley Shinn
Dr. and Mrs. Jagjit Singh
Dr. and Mrs. Kirti Solanki
Anthony and Gloria Souza
Edward and Michele Sprague
James P. and Luella M. (Sue) Spaulding
Jamie Spaulding
St. Joseph's Behavioral Health Center
Ruth and Steve Stephens
Theodore and Nell Stephens
Stockton Anesthesia Medical Group
Stockton Camlu Operating Co
Stockton Olive Oil Project Charitable Organization
Stone Brothers and Associates
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sue
Take Time to Immunize
Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Talley
Tennis for Ta Ta’s
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Terry, Jr.
The Center for Biomedical Continuing Education
The Mended Hearts Chapter 40, Big Valley
SGCC Thursday Ladies
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Thomas
Jim and Sharon Thoming
Anacleto Tubera
Chet and Cathy Turney
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Tuxen
Paul and Jan Umdenstock
Sanjeev Vaishampayan, M.D.
Carla and Tim Vallem
J. Douglas Van Sant
Nancy and Frank Vargas
Paul and Lydia Vosti
Harold and Jenny Wade
Leona Wagner
William and Virginia Wallace
Richard Waters, M.D.
Theresa and Rob Weaver
Joyce and Tom Welch
Cindy Wong
Robin and Clara Wong

Updated September 1, 2017