Leave Your Legacy with Dignity

Planned Giving

A planned gift can be best described as any gift of cash, stock or personal property that requires the services of a professional such as an attorney, estate planner, CPA, financial planner or insurance broker. A planned gift can be an important part of an estate plan, providing an excellent method of reducing taxes. Our planned giving program was established to allow donors to make larger gifts than otherwise possible without undue financial sacrifice. These types of contributions allow you to enjoy the financial benefits and recognition of such a gift, along with the knowledge that your support has made a difference.

The Foundation staff will assist donors wishing to make a planned gift, however, we urge anyone considering this type of gift to seek their own legal or tax advice.

*IRA rollover distributions must go directly to St. Joseph's Medical Center, not the foundation, to avoid negative tax consequences.

Wills, Bequests and Trusts 

You may gift cash, securities, real estate or other assets to St. Joseph's Foundation of San Joaquin. in your will. It is also possible to establish a Charitable Remainder Trust by means of a will and provide income to the beneficiary of your choice. Making a bequest is as simple as adding a codicil (amendment) to your will.

The Foundation encourages anyone wishing to make a planned gift to seek the counsel of a legal or tax advisor to discuss your ideas. Donors who are considering making a planned gift are also encouraged to contact the Foundation early in the process with their intent to help ensure we are prepared to accept the gift and that your wishes can be honored. 



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