Covid 19 Response Collage

The care and safety of our patients, visitors, staff, and community is our top priority

Dear Friends of St. Joseph's Medical Center and St. Joseph’s Foundation of San Joaquin,

While we are living and working through stressful, unprecedented times, I wanted to take just a few moments to provide an update as to how your community hospital is responding to this crisis. Not a technical or clinical report, but rather a report on the human condition.

Our entire Hospital Team, led by long-time President/CEO Don Wiley, has been exemplary in every way. With a roll-up-your-sleeves mentality, these caregivers have been working around-the-clock on guaranteeing the safest environment to care for patients, their families and each other.

I am reminded, in fact, of the Churchillian turn of phrase, that our employees have nothing to offer but, “blood, toil, tears and sweat,” and have offered these virtues in a quiet, determined and compassionate manner. This is where heroism lies, in the simple acts of goodness by everyday people in extraordinary circumstances. All, without fanfare; these first responders have been spectacular in their steady, steely approach to their Job One – healing and tending to those who turn to us for care.

And it is not only evident in the emergency room or on the patient floors. This can be seen in our thoughtful approach to preventive, proactive safety measures, visiting policy, and even the handling of food in the cafeteria.

So, what can you do to show your support for the people and services of St. Joseph’s Medical Center?

First, and foremost, practice self-care as directed – social distancing, hand-washing, etc.

Second, continue to include St. Joseph’s Medical Center and St. Joseph's Foundation as a key part of your philanthropy. The economy and financial world promises to recover; please keep St. Joseph’s in mind as that occurs.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, keep the people that work for the health of the community in your prayers and thoughts. When you do, please consider this prayer authored by our very own Sister Abby Newton, O.P. We start nearly every meeting with this reflection, after first taking a moment of silence to place ourselves in the presence of our Heavenly Father:

For the patients and families in our care, May they be blessed.

For of us who carry forth the mission of St. Joseph's, May we be blessed.

For those who experience pain and suffering in our world, our community and our family, Grant peace of mind and heart to all. Amen

In Gratitude,

Drew Gagner reduced

Drew A. Gagner
Chief Philanthropy Officer
St. Joseph's Foundation of San Joaquin