Cardiac Hybrid Suite

St. Joseph’s Medical Center is now home to an advanced Cardiac Hybrid Suite, the new gold standard in cardiac medicine.  

The suite transforms into a revolutionary operation room designed for open heart surgeries and new procedures such as TAVR, a transcatheter aortic valve replacement. The Hybrid Suite improves clinical efficiency, offers less invasive procedures for our patients, allowing them to recover more quickly and return to living full, active lives.

The new Hybrid Suite provides:

  • Collaborative, time-saving technology
  • Capability for new procedures to help more patients
  • Advanced robotic imaging system to help diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease
  • Less invasive surgery for more people with severe heart disease and/or other medical complications

Through generous donations and transfers from the Foundation's reserve, over 60% of the $5.2 million project was funded by philanthropy. View a full list of the donors who helped bring this important project to fruition.

As a non-profit hospital, your support is vitally important. Every dollar you give today helps us provide the ultimate in cardiac care for the greater Central Valley, so there is no reason to travel elsewhere. Although it’s often impossible to plan for a cardiac event, it is entirely possible to have the best facilities and technology in place. A Hybrid Suite allows our expert cardiac team to perform emergency procedures with quick access to state-of-the-art tools and equipment in a single location.


Watch the Cardiovascular Hybrid Suite video

Watch the TAVR Heart Procedure video for inoperable aortic stenosis.



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